Welcome to Shadow Wood Studio nestled in Saratoga, New York!  We are Kristen and Tim, the artistic pair behind Shadow Wood Studio. In our studio, we strive to create pottery pieces that are not only functional but also pieces of art that tell a story. Each handcrafted creation is meticulously made with attention to detail, ensuring that every curve, texture, and glaze is carefully considered.
From beautifully thrown and shaped bowls, plates, and mugs to intricately carved vases and decorative pieces, our pottery collection showcases a diverse range of styles and techniques. Whether you're searching for a unique wedding gift, a statement piece for your home, or simply a handmade treasure to cherish, our studio offers an array of choices to suit every taste and occasion.
We take great pride in our craft, and our commitment to quality is unwavering. We believe that pottery is not just an object; it's an expression of our love and dedication. Each piece that leaves our studio is a labor of love, infused with our shared passion and creativity.
Thank you for supporting our studio. We are thrilled to share our love for pottery with you and look forward to crafting something special just for you.

🎨 Meet Kristen - Surface Design Expert:
Kristen, holding a Bachelor's degree from Pratt Institute, is our surface design expert. Her disciplined approach to surface design weaves a rich tapestry of colors and patterns into our pottery creations. Kristen's commitment to the art of hand-painting brings a meticulous touch to each piece, transforming them into functional works of art.

🍽️ Meet Tim - Culinary Precision in Clay:
Tim, an experienced chef, brings culinary precision to our craft. His expertise in the kitchen translates into sculpting forms that emphasize functionality and presentation. Tim's focus on the practical aspects ensures our pottery is both visually appealing and delightful to touch and hold.
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